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In today's world, eating has become a ritual of convenience.  Rare are the days where the family can sit down together and eat a well balanced meal.  There are music lessons, sports team practice, away games, homework, two  working parents and everyone going in different directions at different times.  Saving time has become a necessity.  The solution for many is to turn to already packaged meals in a box; processed foods.


Where our food comes from has been drastically altered from the days of our youth.  The soil from which our food grows has been stripped of its precious nutrients that feed the plant that nourishes our bodies.


At One Mind and Body we recognize the importance of nutrition for the body and how it is an integral part of the whole mind/body experience.  There are many different components to craniosacral therapy and how it can balance and resolve health issues. One Mind and Body Craniosacral Therapy can help you select better food choices and guide you in choosing quality nutritional supplements necessary for optimal health and wellness.  Together good nutrition and craniosacral therapy's ability to release tensions and inflammation will encourage the whole body integration.

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