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Welcome to ONE MIND AND BODY! It is my hope that your curiosity in CranioSacral has brought you to this site. This blog is dedicated to sharing the whole mind/body/spirit connection as ONE. You will find articles posted here to better help you understand what IS CranioSacral and how it WORKS. However, CranioSacral (CST) is also about how stress, diet and lack of nutritious food impacts the biological systems of our bodies. My intent is to share with each other the awesome mind/body relationship.

I am so excited to launch my new website! It has been quite a journey getting here. I am not of the social media generation so it was a learning experience to say the least. With guidance from loving , caring people, I am finally on board and looking forward to sharing the amazing difference CranioSacral and nutrition will make in your health, your life!

I hope you stop by often!

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.....providing pathways to painfree living

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