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CranioSacral and Children

CranioSacral Therapy is a safe and excellent therapy for children. It's gentle touch is very effective for infants suffering from colic, newborns who do not latch on well to nurse, torticollis, and misshapen head syndrome (plagiocephaly).

Delivery can not only be a difficult experience for mother but for infant as well. Many times there are long hours before the infant moves into the birth canal, or the baby does not present normal fetal attitude (breech). The baby resting in a difficult position in the uterus or during delivery can result in tightness in the baby's neck and back muscles. This strain or tightness occurs most often in the muscle that connects the breastbone and collar bone to the skull (sternocleidomastoid muscle). CranioSacral Therapy works with the 22 bones of the cranium and the muscle attachments to those bones. There is a rhythmic movement of the cranial bones that exists and CST finds the imbalance in that rhythm and can gently relieve tension and restriction. A baby's painful, stiff neck muscle when rotating their head to nurse, can be released.

The CST session is a beautiful session. The therapy takes place with both the mother and baby (or father) and practitioner. It is a quiet session and very special to the baby because the child gets a one on one UNDIVIDED attention from their adoring parents. Through playful diversions, the parents entertain their baby while the practitioner works.

The joy is in watching your baby relax and even fall asleep. What better testimony is there than that?!

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